Saturday Group sessions

Coach led group session ending with electric fencing - Saturdays 10am-12pm (all year round) Ages 5-13

Sabre. The most exciting of the three weapons. Don't let the picture mislead you as there are no plastic swords in this club. We believe in learning to fence using the real thing - getting the feel of the steel.*

Come along and try - the first session is free. Parents, give it a try yourself whilst your charges are doing their thing, stay and watch with a complimentary coffee... OR... drop and run!!! 

*Fencing is actually a very safe sport - don't less this put you off. We supply all protective clothing and equipment and are fastidious when it comes to safety. Mask first! Sword last! 

Here are some inspiring words from our Maestro, and Junior Eagles head coach, John Rohde:

"Fencing has many aspects.  It is a skill, it is an art and an exciting road to physical fitness.  It is also a mental discipline that teaches self-control and self-understanding. At Bristol White Eagle Fencing Club we believe that it is within the reach of all to experience the thrill, the elegance and the glory of fencing. The skill of fencing, like riding a bicycle, is a matter of having the right technique to start with and then "getting it" as our sub-conscious mind engages with its possibilities.

The art of fencing is in the aesthetics of movement: the same sense of line, rhythm and form, of proportion and timing are found in all of the arts. The technique you will be taught is one that works with, not against the body and never compromises the long term welfare of the fencer for short term gain.

Fencing is fun and remains fun at even the highest level of performance if approached properly. It must always be kept in proportion.  Nothing in fencing is more important than the respect we owe to ourselves and each other.  No prize won can replace the loss of our sense of honour, justice and kindness."

Individual lessons

Maestro Martin Dale is on hand every Saturday to give individual lessons to any of our junior (or adult) members wanting to work on a particular aspect of their fencing. Martin is an experienced coach at all three weapons. Individual lessons are provided to members at no extra charge - but slots are limited so get your name up on the board as soon as you arrive!

Junior Eagles Competitions

Termly friendly competitions are held at the club organised by school year. Even as a non-member of the club, all are welcome to attend. Please visit our competitions page for date and entry information. 

After-School clubs

We also provide after school clubs for up to 24 children at a time in schools across north and central Bristol which prove very popular with the children and parents alike. If you are interested in adding a Fencing after-school club to your school, or in hosting a taster session, please contact John directly at 

All of our coaches are DBS checked and insured.