Beginners Class: Sabre! The Basics, with Coach Anna. £8 drop in fee/free to members. First one? It’s free! MoveGB member? Find us on the app and check-in.

A new 30 minute drop-in class format for beginners. Every Wednesday 8pm -(followed by fencing until 10pm).

Get fit, have fun, make friends - and then hit them! If you like Zorro, Robin Hood, pirate films, Dogtanian and the Three Muskahounds you're a natural fit. After a fencing focussed warm-up, Anna will cover all the Sabre basics you’ll need to be armed and ready to take to the piste. Come to the class as many times as you wish. Yes, there will be quite a bit of repetition (although we aim to have a slightly different focus every week) but even Olympic fencers have to practice their basics…

If it’s your first time please fill in the form below to let us know you are coming. Not imperative, just nice to know so we can look out for you. Please call Anna on 07775 910 395 if you have any questions.

All kit is supplied. Ample supply of biscuits and hot and cold beverages available free of change from the buffet bench.

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Sabre Class of July 2018

Sabre Class of July 2018

Sabre Class of April 2018

Sabre Class of April 2018