Wednesdays 6:30-7:45pm. Kitting up from 6:15pm to ensure a prompt start.

The Bristol Fencing Academy provides structured training in sabre fencing for junior fencers. Our aim is to teach fencing the right way. Good technique, fitness, wits and courage.

Character is a part of fencing and the Academy provides an environment of courtesy and kindness as well as competitive excellence: the two are not incompatible.

Instruction is delivered at beginner and development levels, with training schedules appropriate to each. Small group sizes ensure individual attention; every student of the Bristol Fencing Academy is provided with their own Fencing Journal which is completed on a regular basis by the fencer, together with their coach, to set goals and track progress.

A standard session may contain any/all of the following elements:

  • Warm-up games

  • Agility training

  • Footwork & foundations

  • Skills, drills & tactics

  • Video study and group discussion

  • Fencing (elecric and steam) with coach feedback

  • Individual video diagnostics

  • History of Fencing

  • Personal development & goal planning

Any junior fencer is welcome to attend and enroll in our programmes. Fees are £30 per calendar month (by standing order only). This includes tuition, use of kit, grade badges & certificates & refreshments. Cancel at any time. Concessional rates are available inc. a discount for siblings - please enquire. Students are encouraged to attend Junior Eagles Club on a Saturday morning at no additional cost.

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All of our coaches are DBS checked

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Your Child's Name
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From time to time Bristol White Eagle Fencing Club takes photographs and video/audio recordings for educational or publicity purposes. We occassionally have media organisations visit us for the same purposes. We will only use suitable images which appropriately represent the range of activities the club provides and the values to which it adheres. We will only use suitable images of children in suitable dress. Individual children will not be named in conjunction with their image without parental consent. The same conditions apply to filming of video or audio recoring of events.